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it hit me pretty damn hard. *netflix my soul away*

be my bad boy, be my man…

Posted 4 days ago
Kataang Week is less than 48 hours away!


  1. Monday 21st - Secrets
  2. Tuesday 22nd - Comfort
  3. Wednesday 23rd - Rainy Days
  4. Thursday 24th - Storm
  5. Friday 25th - Midnight
  6. Saturday 26th - Nightmare
  7. Sunday 27th - Safe

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jackjerripher : There are no bad repercussions for drawing the FE13 kiddies because adorableness

the only repercussion is my exhausted, cramping right hand, lol

Posted 5 days ago

kids say the darnedest things nowadays…

(please use full view to read!)

Posted 5 days ago
mattgordonzero replied to your photo: “noble pursuits”:
these have all been amazing. I hope you keep going!

i don’t think i’m going to stop anytime soon haha.. i have a whole lot sitting in my drafts and a ton of ideas left, but my hand is seriously killing me lol

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People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

ktshy source:stuffman

morgan: “luci!! for you!”

lucina: “oh. thank you, morgan. (though it’s funny how you keep giving me your vegetables…)”

Posted 6 days ago