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current sketchbook progress: 9%

jackjerripher : I'm squeeing so hard... just Brady's droopy dog ears and cat Owain... I LOVE

hahaaha, tyvm! i was going to do it the other way around, but kitten!owain and puppy!brady was too good to pass up

Posted 2 days ago


illustration i did for howl’s moving castle by diana wynne jones a while ago

kurokonosexy : Your Katara week contribution was one of my faves (matriarch). Loved your style.

ah! thank you very much! i tried approaching a slightly more realistic and serious style with that… thank you

Posted 6 days ago


Analysis of selected work of Alphonse Mucha 

My analysis of four of Mucha’s works revealed many characteristics typical to the artist’s techniques, compositions, and subject matter. His combinations of beautiful female figures, rich ornamentation and extravagant lettering radiate luxury and pleasure. Mucha used ‘formless’ materials such as hair to create whiplash curves and decorative forms which, paired with his intricate pattern work, create highly detailed pieces. Linework is intrinsic to Mucha’s works. All of his forms incorporate a thick black outline to their stylised aesthetic. Mucha also experiments with the overlapping of multiple elements, such as the common use of the large circular frame motif and the female figure.