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apparently listening to cheesy kpop songs is a sure fire way to get me to draw ridiculous fea things

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Anonymous : Hey there, been meaning to ask, but what are your main ships for the second generation of the shepherds? :33

oh, man. i’m going to have to list these out…

ok, so romantically:

  • kjelle/severa
  • owain/brady
  • owain/inigo
  • severa/noire
  • cynthia/owain
  • cynthia/gerome
  • gerome/inigo
  • cynthia/gerome/inigo


  • literally everyone/everyone - ot13
  • lucina/morgan/owain as the royal kids
  • lucina/everyone
  • morgan/everyone
  • owain/cynthia/morgan
  • owain/brady/inigo
  • laurent/nah/morgan
  • noire/brady
  • noire/inigo
  • owain/inigo/morgan
  • brady/yarne
  • everyone/happiness
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quick kuroo sketch before bed

Posted 1 week ago

clumsy boy with that reverse-nishinoya hairdo

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suga suga baby

Posted 1 week ago

요즘 따라
내꺼인 듯 내꺼 아닌 내꺼 같은 너
니꺼인 듯 니꺼 아닌 니꺼 같은 나
these days,
it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not
it feels like i’m yours, it seems like i’m yours but not ♫♪

Posted 1 week ago

wicked-warrior-robot replied to your photo “spring day, cherry blossoms, and you ♫♪ mu/cordelia”

this is so pretty, blurbery you da real mvp

LOLLL this made me laugh a whole lot, haha. thank you, omg.

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