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i’m a puppy, you’re a kitty
don’t you think its a big tragedy ♪♫

first kiss; trainee days

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hey, i just updated my theme and if you guys find anything wonky, please tell me!

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oc #2 ref

  • french-american
  • likes reading/books in general
  • introvert, studious, book-smart, bright
  • over-analytical, timid, passive
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Anonymous asked you:

Hey, is it okay if you like do a tutorial on trees and shrubs? PS: I looooooove your art and tutorial they are just soooooo wonderful, inspiratonal, amazing.

aww thank you so much!! ;v; haha well I don’t know a lot of trees so here’s two I actually know lmao, oak tree and pine tree I will go study more tree names when I have the time ohgosh _(:3 7 hope it helps!

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they all should let us be
we belong to you and me ♪♫

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THANKS GUYS!! and since this pic was what gave me the 20+ followers that i needed to get to 2000, a companion piece! with mikasa and armin!!!

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Anonymous : u draw eren so hot

well, he is a titan after all

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candy bear sweetie pie, wanna be adored

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Hum, I’m home from work and grabbing paper to start drawing and thought I’d talk about this for some reason…when I talk about working straight in ink and going through a lot of bad drawings to make one good one, and developing your confidence and line quality, this is what I’m talking about. These are just SOME of the bad drawings I went through to make this one (I’m really not the sort of person who is ok with showing stuff I’m not happy with but this is my no.1 artaxe to grind so)

You get an image in your head and you gotta try to accept all the junk you have to produce that is literally just a natural consequence of slowly training your hand and brain to make the movements you want. Not by laboriously going over the same thing over and over until it becomes too warped inside your eye to even see it clearly, but by destroying and recreating it and knowing that each time makes you stronger, throwing away what you don’t need. The only art advice I’ve ever felt made a difference for me is that you must not be afraid to destroy it if it’s not working.

I sound a lot more sanguine about it than I really am (I have a real temper and this drives me crazy, let’s just say I spend a lot of time scrubbing ink off of my walls) but it’s really worth it to ride that horrible thing until maybe you’re lucky enough to teach your body something new and beautiful. Working like that is draining and eats through materials, but making a habit of it makes a real difference in your state of mind and hand that carries over when you work in other techniques.

I mean, at least for me, but I’m pretty fucked up

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connybraus : Your art is so lovely! I especially like your avatar pieces!!

hello!! thank you so much! i really want to get into making more avatar stuff, but it’s been a combination of being too uninspired and busy to do so…

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drawing to avoid drawing

(tenzin wouldn’t approve)

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